Strategic Plan

The Kentucky Double Dollars program engaged the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development for a Five-Year Strategic Plan in March 2021. Kentucky Double Dollars (KDD) incentive program involves four categories of incentives across three location types, including farmers markets, Fresh Stop Markets, and retail stores. In the next five years, KDD will also expand into community supported agriculture (CSA) and producer-owned farm stands. 

Kentucky Double Dollars stakeholders feel that it is benefitting both farmers and recipients and that the program is working smoothly. All participants and stakeholders saw the importance the program, from farmers, markets, retails, and consumers. KDD has found a way to work well at a higher-end food coop, which is not a traditional place for SNAP expenditures, and program staff are well-regarded as resources. More farmers are able to sell into rural grocery stores through the program, and stakeholders like both retail and market incentive model. 

Download the entire strategic plan here: