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Using KDD

Using SNAP at Farmers Markets

Swipe your EBT Card with the market manager at the market information booth. Use $12 of your SNAP Benefits, receive EBT tokens to spend with market vendors, plus bonus Kentucky Double Dollars Tokens up to $12. Spend your tokens on Kentucky-grown fruit, vegetables, and edible plant starts with market vendors. At markets participating in KDD Meat, Eggs, & Dairy, you will receive up to $8 in extra tokens eligible for meat, eggs, and dairy when you spend over $12 of your EBT funds. (All tokens are matched in $2 increments.)

Using WIC or Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program Incentives at Farmers Markets

Our system has changed from past years due to changes with the Farmers Market Nutrition Program at the state level. This year, you will bring your nutrition incentive card and/or electronic app for either program to the market manager booth. The market manager will record your name and part of your card number for record keeping purposes. The amount you receive and how many times you receive it varies from market to market, depending on their budget, so be sure to check in before you go to be sure funds are still available and the specifics of their program.

Using SNAP at Good Foods Co-Op

Here’s an example of what you can get with your $10 voucher at Good Foods!

Good Foods Co-op in Lexington offers Kentucky Double Dollars to SNAP recipients year-round. Swipe your EBT card for $10 or more and get a paper voucher for $10 with purchase. Voucher is eligible for use on any Kentucky-grown produce within 90 days.

Using SNAP at IGA

Four participating IGA locations in Eastern Kentucky offer Kentucky Double Dollars from approximately early June to the end of September. Simply use your EBT card for any purchase over $10 and your KDD voucher will print at the bottom of your receipt. Redeem on any Kentucky-grown produce within 30 days.

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