Who We Serve


Kentucky Double Dollars directly supports Kentucky farmers by incentivizing Kentucky-grown produce and direct farm impact Kentucky meat, eggs, and dairy.

SNAP Participants

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low-income people to buy food for healthy meals at participating stores. SNAP benefits increase a household’s food buying power when added to the household’s money. Any household (any person, family or group of people who live and buy and eat food together) meeting basic income and other requirements may be able to receive SNAP benefits.

WIC Participants 

Since 1992, the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (WIC FMNP) has helped promote local farmers markets and bring locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables into the homes of WIC participants. In Kentucky, eligible WIC recipients receive food instruments (FIs) worth $20 each summer to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables or fresh-cut herbs. Local WIC agencies issue FMNP FIs and provide nutrition education emphasizing the importance of including fruits and vegetables in the diet daily.

SFMNP Participants 

The Kentucky Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) provides fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables from Kentucky farmers’ markets to the dinner tables of low-income seniors (60+ with income less than or equal to 185% of the poverty level) who are nutritionally at-risk. Eligible seniors are provided with $28 in checks to purchase fresh, unprocessed, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs at state-approved farmers’ markets.